Hey there, I'm Samantha!

The lady behind the camera, the baby whisperer, the smile taker, the crazy lady willing to do most anything to make your kids smile!

 So just a little bit about me. I have been married to my husband Joey for 17 years and we have two beautiful crazy kids, Abby and Garner along with our three fur babies Lola, Ellie and Charlie. I love music, crime documentaries, baking and doing anything crafty! I became a photographer for many reasons but the main reason is the three you see in the picture with me, My family! Being a wife and mother is one of the greatest joys I have. Watching my children grow and creating memories with my family is so important to me. I wanted them to always have those memories especially when they got older with children of their own. I will never forget meeting my children for the first time. Their tiny fingers and toes, their sweet cheeks and lips, the way they looked at me. I am so in love with all of their photos as newborns, because it is how I will always remember the first time I met them, they are now teenagers and will never look the same again. Having those photos of them is something I will always treasure.

Have you ever gone to a grandparents house and looked through old albums or photos? It is something I love to do. I think if my family didn't have those how would we remember certain times, family members or learn about our family. This is why I love Photography so much, it allows me to freeze those moments in time, preserved forever. Capturing these milestones for your family from newborn to baby's first birthday! Moments that are magical and will last a lifetime!

Come meet me and let's capture your memories......